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About Us...

Chuan Kee Umbrella Maker, formerly known as Foo Chuan Umbrella Maker was established in 1960 and had since grown from the humble family "cottage-industry" to become one of the major manufacturer and supplier of all ranges of umbrellas.

Our market coverage includes hotels, restaurants, airlines, pubs, cafeterias, private clubs, schools, government and private organizations, overseas resorts and more. 

Our Vision...

With increased activities and development in the regional markets, we plan to diversify to reach outwards to these markets bringing along our expertise and new products.

Armed with our experiences in supplying shades and shelters to various industries and understanding of our customer's business, we intend to take a step further ahead to provide a more comprehensive package range over and above our core business.

We strongly believe our total commitments to our goals, backed with quality, service, ingenuity and integrity will ultimately alleviate Chuan Kee Umbrella to higher heights in the new millennium!

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Last modified: March 22, 2001